As a coach, consultant, therapist, seminar presenter I have been supporting tens of thousands of people around the world since 2004.

All of my work has one thing in common: it immediately goes beyond the traditional approach of fixing symptoms. The focus will be on the root cause of any struggle or stuckness.

And that's what gets you back on track and thriving - fast!


About Me

Due to my specific background and experience, my work starts where most coaching, change facilitation and personal & professional development courses end. People turn to me, my seminars and training programs when they need immediate clarity and inspiration beyond what most standard coaching, consulting and training can offer.  


1-1 TRACKS (online & face to face)

Bespoke 3-day 1-1 RETREATS in the mountains of Southern Spain.

Designed for people who have experienced some form of coaching or training, have been working on their mindset & lifestyle and still find themselves stuck in life.  


'Homegrown' programs: LEADINGSHIP©, ENNEAGRAM EVOLUTION©, DOGMA DETOX® and more. Designed for individuals and businesses. Available as standalone tracks or as a custom made combined offer.

THE JOURNEY - by Brandon Bays

Presenting international SEMINARS, RETREATS and ADVANCED SELF-DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS focussed on mind-body health, emotional healing & self-inquiry.

'Feeling stuck is no longer necessary. Being coached on how to cope or manage is completely outdated. Real, effective and lasting change can be available now.'

LEADINGSHIP was published in the UK and The Netherlands in 2012 and in India in 2015.Through self-relective questions it moves the reader away from the traditional theoretical copy-paste leadership concepts, bringing the reader closer to the true essence of leadership: Non-Personal Inspiration.

MEESTERSCHAP IN COACHING (COACHING ALCHEMY) was published in The Netherlands in 2014. Through self-relective questions it pushes the coach, consultant and therapist beyond the dimensions of skills, technique and responsibility, moving him/her into the realms of pure mastery and alchemy.

FINDING YOUR BREATH (2016) is a little self-published project aimed at the sometimes confused and stuck spiritual seeker.

Available in paperback and e-book via

In 2013 I was asked to contribute to a Dutch book on organisational self-governance: ‘ZELFSTURING, bottom-up organiseren’. I wrote a chapter called ‘Leadership Standing Trial’, which was a fictional press release about traditional leadership being charged with violation of Human Rights.

Available in paperback here.


New times and new generations have ignited a new coaching & therapy approach that creates PROFOUND & LASTING CHANGE - FAST! Dogma Detox is a culmination of 40 years of self-inquiry & personal development and 20 years of coaching, therapy, training and facilitating around the world. Dogma Detox is being taught to coaches, therapists and consultants. Dogma Detox has heavily influenced the Combustion Coaching 1-1 work - so more inspiration, clarity and vitality gets experience in far less time.

In-depth SUPPORT when you're


dealing with big CHANGE